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Lulu's 'Back On Track' Album
Complete Track Sampler

Lulu's 'Together' Album
Complete Track Sampler

Lulu & Russell Watson performing 'The Prayer' edited from Russell Watson's BBC concert 01:38

This Dance Cd Single by KERPHUNK
contains elements of Lulu's 1965 single "Stop Fooling Around"
Phunk Phoolin'
7" Radio Mix
1:31 (edited)

"Heaven Must Have Sent You"
from the "Motown Mania" CD
1:13 (edited)

"How Will I Know"
Live with STEPS
1:00 (edited)

"Where The Poor Boys Dance"
1:41 (edited)

"Better Get Ready"
("Red Alert" series 1 theme)
2:45 (edited)

The Single

The Dance Mix

Highlights from the interview on
23rd April 1999 about the new album "Where The Poor Boys Dance"


"In Conversation" is a documentary on the making of AIDA
2:11 extract including Tim Rice, Sir Elton John & Lulu

'The Messenger'
2:40 edited from the album

Heart Like The Sun
1:05 edited from 'Late Lunch'

To Sir With Love

SHOUT Lulu's 1st hit single

ALFA promo 1

ALFA promo 2

Oh Me Oh My
(ITALIAN version)
1:30 edit
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