The Most Of Lulu / Lulu's Album
EMI 7243 5 38850 2
Release Date: 29/04/02

Track Listing

Let's Pretend (Evans,Parnes)
I'm A Tiger* (Marty Wilde & Ronnie Scott)
Love Loves To Love Love (Levin,Thomas)
You And I (Mark London)
To Sir With Love (Mark London & Don Black)
March* (Howard,Blaikley)
The Boat That I Row (Niel Diamond)
Boom Bang-A-Bang* (P.Warne & A.Moorhouse)
Without Him* (Nilsson)
Me The Peaceful Heart* (Tony Hazzard)
Boy* (Blaikley,Stephens)
Dreary Days And Nights* (Mark London)
Show Me (Tex)
Mighty Quinn (Dylan)
My Ain Folk (Lemmon,Burn)
Where Did You Come From (Mark London & Don Black)
Gimme Some Lovin' (Winwood.Winwood,Davis)
I Started A Joke (Gibb,Gibb,Gibb)
Why Did I Choose You (Leonard,Martin)
The Boy Next Door (Martin.Blane)
Come September (Mark London & Don Black)
A House Is Not A Home (Bacharach,Hall)
Cry Like A Baby (Penn,Oldham)

NOTES : The tracks marked here with a * are in MONO, on the CD cover those marked with a * are said to be MONO but in fact are STEREO !!

It is great to have "Lulu's Album" mastered onto CD. The only track released previously was "A House Is Not A Home" which featured on a Burt Bacharach CD.

Unfortunately "Lulu's Album" has some pronounced low frequency rumble - as if taken from vinyl.

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