The Gold Collection


Track Listings

Boom Bang-A-Bang *(P.Warne & A.Moorhouse)
The Boat That I Row (Niel Diamond)
I'm A Tiger *(Marty Wilde & Ronnie Scott)
Me The Peaceful Heart *(Tony Hazzard)
Let's Pretend (Evans,Parnes)
Boy *(Blaikley,Stephens)
Love Loves To Love Love (Levin,Thomas)
To Sir With Love (Mark London & Don Black)
Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me

Day Tripper (Lennon, McCartney)
Dreary Days And Nights * (Mark London)
Best Of Both Worlds (Mark London & Don Black)
Morning Dew (Rose,Dobson)
Rattler (Woodley)
You And I (Mark London)
Without Him (Nilsson)

NOTES : Tracks marked * MONO

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