Lulu's new TV show RED ALERT aired Saturday 13th November on BBC 1. This was a joint venture between BBC TV and Ginger TV.
The show included Lulu performing a live duet with Sir Paul McCartney. The programme researchers scoured the country for people to join her in the studio as well as taking part in outside broadcasts. The first show saw such people involved in games like "Stand By Your Doors", "What Are You Like", "Happy Chimneys", and the crazy "Pump Up Your Postie" The top prize was a holiday to Colorado. I missed quite a lot of the plot due to a bad balance between Lulu's microphone and the constant roar of the crowd. The National Lottery is part and parcel of this fifty minute prime time slot. In the late 60's and early 70's Lulu had her own shows on the BBC. Since then she has turned down all offers to return to television.
She said: "The ideas behind Red Alert and the fact it is to be produced by Ginger Television - whose programmes I have always loved - was just too good an opportunity to miss. Not only does it feature my first love - music - it is also about celebration and simply having fun, which after all is what Saturday night should be all about."
The BBC said: "We are delighted that Lulu is coming to BBC 1, she's a star with universal appeal". BBC bosses will be hoping Lulu can help them re-establish their lead over ITV on Saturday nights, following the cancellation of 'Noel's House Party' after low ratings earlier this year.

Lulu's entrance
Lulu with co-host Terry Alderton
Lulu's duet with Sir Paul McCartney

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